Bandiana Area Cinema

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The Bandiana area cinema seats 392 people. The cinema is open for screenings on Friday and Saturday evenings at 1900h. Matinees are held on Wednesdays to Saturdays during the Victorian school holidays commencing at 1300h, and other Saturday matinees outside Victorian school holidays as listed.

Due to Government measures to contain the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), social distancing admissions are limited, check the Victorian goverment website for more information.

Doors open 30 minutes before the above start times. Admission is free.

Current cadets and their families and friends may use the cinema, however, to gain access the cadets must have their ADFC ID card with them to produce upon purchasing tickets.


  1. Your Defence ID (ADO/APS/ADFC) or Cinema Pass must be shown when obtaining tickets.
  2. No smoking inside the cinema or within 10 metres of the front doors.
  3. No alcohol is to be consumed in the cinema or surrounds without approval from Contract Service Manager.
  4. Feet are not to be placed on seats.
  5. No talking aloud during the movies.
  6. Mobile phones bust be switched off or set to vibrate alarm.
  7. No loitering outside the cinema at the conclusion of the session.
  8. Dress standards:
    1. Minimum acceptable dress is shirt/t-shirt, trousers/jeans/shorts and sandals/enclosed footwear.
    2. No bare feet allowed.
  9. Children under 15 years are to be accompanied by and seated with an adult throughout the duration of the session.
  10. Any unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and the cinema staff are empowered to ask disruptive patrons to leave and ban them from using the cinema.
  11. Entry will be denied if the above regulations are not adhered to.