Do I Qualify To Join ?

Are there any requirments to become a cadet ?

The following conditions must be met before a young man or woman can become a cadet:

  • At least 12 years of age and turning 13 or older in the year you join
  • Less than 16 years old
  • Enrolled to attend high school in the year you join
  • An Australian Citizen or Ordinary Resident
  • Have your parent or guardian's permission to join
  • Have the physical capability to participate in AAFC activities
  • Agree with the ADFC Youth Values and Code of Conduct Statement
  • Not be a member of the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Navy Cadets or Australian Army Cadets (unless you have to be, due to school for example)


Medical information

All applicants must complete an AAFC Health Declaration. Some severe medical conditions may disqualify an applicant from joining the AAFC without further consultation between us, your parent/guardian and a medical practicioner.

Your parents will also have to give their approval for medical treatment to be administered in an emergency if we can't contact them.