What about Uniforms, Equipment and Contributions?

What about Uniforms, Equiptment and Contributions?

Cadets is excellent value for money. You can try some challenging and amazing activities that are partly paid for by the Australian Government through the AAFC.

Because of this investment we hope you're serious about Cadets and that you'll stay for a reasonable amount of time. But you can leave Cadets at any time.

The AAFC provides uniforms and most equipment. On camps, most of the equipment will be provided by Defence, however you may need to provide additional gear for your son or daughter's comfort such as a sleeping bag for overnight activities. When you leave Cadets you must return all uniforms and equipment.

412 Squadron asks for a monetary contribution to help with running expenses. In 2019, this will approximately $20 when you join and an annual fee of $145 ($75 if you join midyear). There are some discounts that can apply, so make sure you ask us for more information. For some courses you will be asked to contribute a small amount to help cover expenses not met by Defence.